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Menorca may be the second-biggest (consequently the label, from your Latin modest – Small) the area of Majorca that is one of the Balearic Islands of Spain. But – most, one of the most calm and one of the most northern traditional.

It is not large – only 52 km lengthy and 15 km broad – paradise’s rendering is practically 70 shores. Many – really wild, you can get through pine thickets that are thick or to the vessel in the water near to them.

After 1993 Menorca is under UNESCO safety, and also passion is treated with by the islanders and admiration this solution. Along one of many most amazing shores about the island, for instance Boy Saura, the size of which can be measures that are 310, expands an incredible forest with century-outdated maple trees woods that are very young and thickset. This forest order of a research paper looks so wonderful, it so loud performing birds, which is led straight. But abruptly a sign showing a man run into, it’s crossed-out using a line that was strong. The indication reads: ” a regeneration is of the dunes. Please do not come here.” Continuing to go across the woodland more remarkable beach instantly opens. Colors mud and water.

Within the two main cities Menorca – Ciutadella and Mahon there are many coastal towns. Mahon, rather than the Ciudadela that was historic, was proclaimed being a money of the colonialists in 1708. It was left by the colonialists, and Mahon kept the island’s primary location. From Britain it inherited colonial- a factory along with style architecture for the production of gin. Yes, they are distinctive from all Spaniards that are other by the undeniable fact that the sangria prefer beverages and gin centered on it, such as lipstick – a beverage of gin and lemonade. While improvement of the area and the nearby wine remains. Ciudadela – Menorca is reliable monuments of cozy dock that is little and their structure, buried in blooms. On Saturdays however neighborhood close to the bass market the locals are likely to the natives, dressed up in traditional costumes that are Spanish. You can find divisions of trees that are tangerine. A several people dances are performed by the locals with dignity with accompaniment. No, this isn’t the celebration of occasion or a festival. Only a morning – is enough reason behind to hold a starched shirt and along blouse, and, buying castanets to dance.

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